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Are You Mobile?

bicycle-china-mobileSo you don't have a mobile version of your website. What can I say, I didn't either until recently. Let's face it, everything is going mobile and if you're not part of the mobile revolution, you're gonna lose out. Not just marketing opportunities, but actual sales.

For example, I use my iPhone to access just about everything - from current sports scores, to what wine to buy, to finding my way to that new restaurant I want to check out. If it isn't available via my iPhone, it's not happening. I love reading the reviews on Yelp via my iPhone and getting the ratings so I can make an informed decision before spending my money somewhere. And I have written reviews, all - in my opinion - to help others make a decision. If I go to a site to see a menu, or check out a cool new tablet PC and I can't view your site via my iPhone - you're off the list...immediately. You don't get a second chance...or even a first chance!

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Top Ten Website Features

One of the first steps in building a website is looking at the functional requirements. Not all of these features are required for every company, but here is my quick top 10 list of features a general website needs to make it successful.

10. Mobile Version
5% of today's traffic is mobile. This is growing more and more. We are starting to have great web experiences on mobile smart phones (including the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry Torch, and now the WP7 phones).

9. Store Locator
Not everyone wants to pay the high shipping costs and wait for your product. Let your customers find which local retailers stock your products. (I know the data can be hard to come by, but others are doing it).

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Free Wordpress Templates - When Not to Use!

DollarsI use Google every day. For just about everything, even for searching the various programming forums that I use instead of the forum search. It is much more powerful providing me a date, the number of responses, along with a brief recap of the conversation surrounding the search phrase.

I've even used Google to find free web templates to give me a reference point for building our own templates. And when we do I've seen it over and over again - hidden code in the template. Sometimes in the form of a javascript reference that can do just about anything to links to other sites to encrypted code - a definite sign of malicious intent. Consequently, unless you know exactly what you're doing - don't wander too far outside of the free templates provided on the wordpress.org site.

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